The Nintendo Switch is most likely the best portable gaming console at any point made, however it’s as yet not incredible at going from playing in a hurry to wide screen support encounter when you’re not at home. Another dock frill made by an organization called YesOJO expects to change that, giving Switch the capacity to extend a screen of up to 150″ wherever you need to play.

The ‘OJO’ dock incorporates an implicit smaller scale projector for the Switch, with an inherent battery that can give up to four hours of gaming in a hurry. It can extend a screen of in the vicinity of 30″ and 150″ relying upon your separation from the projection surface, and it anticipates at HD determination with a brilliance of 200 lumens.

Regardless of the possibility that you would prefer not to play on the anticipated screen, you can utilize the OJO as a reinforcement battery, as well, to indicate 4x the battery life of your reassure without anyone else. In addition, it would charger be able to different gadgets, as well, by means of USB, including your cell phone or tablet.

OJO likewise has worked in speakers, however it has an aux port for sound out, as well. It underpins HDMI associations, as well, and can subsequently work with different gadgets to extend outside of the Switch, and there are 2x USB-C ports on the OJO too.

The gadget is up for pre-arrange now on Indiegogo, with a basic cost of $269 (a $100 rebate from its arranged retail cost of $369 once it’s discharged).