Jakarta is not only a political and economic capital of Indonesia, it is also a tourist hot spot in its own right. Located in the north eastern side of one of the largest islands of Indonesia, Java, it plays host to a multitude of people. This makes it the most populous city in South East Asia.

Jakarta is a busy city. Like every other major city in the world, people are in a hurry going about their businesses. However, the people in this city are friendly and welcoming to each other and to visitors and tourists in their country.

Ayana, one of the most popular hotel brands in the country has a hotel in the city. Situated in the heart of the city, it is suitable for both business and leisure travelers.  It is the 366 room Ayana Midplaza Jakarta.

It offers its guests the following features and amenities for an enjoyable and fruitful stay.

For business travelers, they can enjoy,

Executive rooms

Being a city hotel, most business travelers will definitely prefer to stay in the city as they transact their business. The hotel attracts global corporations into lucrative accommodation partnerships. Companies that become corporate members of the hotel can ensure that their traveling executives are in a safe and secure place. In addition, this partnership offers huge discounts to the corporations.

Once in the hotel, the executives are offered the exclusive executive rooms for their comfort and less interruptions to their work.

The rooms offer a magnificent view of the city and the ocean in the distance. They are fully covered by the hotel WIFI ensuring that you can continue working even when out of the office.

24 hour restaurant

Often times when we are busy, time passes by so quickly that we forget to have our meals regularly especially when traveling. The Hotel Jakarta ensures that if you are its guest and this happens to you, you can easily find a place to eat when hungry.

It has several restaurants that are offer 24 hour service and you can walk into any and enjoy a meal of your liking.

Other services

The hotel also offers additional services that help keep you focused on your work and keep you comfortable while there. You can easily access bank services where you can exchange foreign currency at market rates and ATM where you can withdraw your money.

In addition, the hotel offers dry-cleaning services to ensure that dirty laundry does not distract you from your work. You can also hire a car from the hotel and access shoe shining services to ensure that you are smart at all times as you go about your business.

Leisure travelers in the hotel can enjoy,

Spa treatments

This hotel is part of a group of hotels that offers award winning spa services. They have unique spa treatments that are based on the numerous cultures and ethnicities that live within Indonesia.

The unique spa treatments and massage therapies leave you relaxed and rejuvenated from the pressures of the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

You can also opt for the sauna and jacuzzi where you can relax and refresh your mind.


The hotel has a large entertainment menu. First, there are several bars in the hotel. You can pop into any of the open bars for happy hour or to just meet with new people and have enlightening conversations on the country.

You can also jump into their swimming pool for a swim and relax on the sunbeds. They also have a children swimming pool, ensuring that it is fun for the whole family.

A barbecue area is available in the hotel to socialize and have fun as a family and with friends.

Airport shuttle

The hotel also offers complementary airport transfer services to and from the airport to all its guests. Guests are encouraged to book for the shuttle in advance to ensure that they do miss their flights.