You all know the Rachid Show–the popular TV show broadcast every Friday on the Moroccan TV channel ‘2M.’ The Rachid Show is hosted by Rachid Allali, and is centered on welcoming and highlighting various famous people from all walks of life. Everyone from well-known politicians to successful artists to sports stars to buzz-worthy entertainers has been featured on the Rachid Show to great success. Of course, Rachid Allali’s excellent presenting style–which uniquely blends the perfect amount of comedic tones with his genuine sincerity–has greatly contributed to the show’s popularity.

Most people will be familiar with Rachid Allali from his earlier work on the popular children’s show, ALAM Farid (Unique World). However, the 30-year old entertainer has truly branched out since his early days as a children’s TV star. Before he created the Rachid Show in 2013, he worked on shows such as the comedic Caméra Noujoum and Taxi 36; as well as a more serious entertainment show, Nhar Maa Star (A Day with a Celebrity) which allowed him to explore the daily lives of real stars.

What makes the Rachid Show truly unique is that it’s a format relatively unknown in Morocco: the “American-style” talk show. Most Moroccan entertainment programs are geared towards hidden cameras or spotlights, not a “talk show” where guests are welcomed and interviewed by a charming host. Yet it’s this uniqueness–along with Rachid Allali’s trademark humor, charm and wit–that helped put the Rachid Show on the map.

Simo Benbachir Inspires Unprecedented Rachid Show Ratings

Simo Benbachir is well-known for his entertainment journalism and his work in Hollywood, where he specializes in charming even the most inaccessible stars on the Hollywood red carpets and film premieres. His interviews are truly the stuff of legends: in just a few minutes, an interview between Simo Benbachir and film director Sanaa Hamri (director of TV series ‘Empire’) garnered 600,00 views on YouTube. He is also the official correspondent of Arab News in Hollywood, and recently he was voted the most talked about media personality in Morocco for 2018!

Simo Benbachir wasn’t always working in Hollywood. His career spans international venues, including the Moroccan 2M Channel, Nessma TV, B-Beirut, and even Alrabiya News English. His charming exploits in the entertainment industry have landed him scores of attention, including being ranked as the most popular Moroccan TV personality by multiple European magazines. There’s certainly a reason why he has been described as “The Reporter of Stars, the Star of Reporters.” He has even received the prestigious Brukmer Press Honorary Award in Belgium.

Simo Benbachir’s popularity can be traced back to his excellent interviewing skills. He has the ability to make even the toughest and most notoriously cold celebrities open up to him–even to the point of sharing juicy gossip and secrets! It’s little wonder that many young Moroccans adore and look up to this reporter, who has truly paved the way for Moroccan journalism in Hollywood?

With these two entertainment stars bringing Morocco into the both local and international spotlights, we are truly seeing the rise of talented Moroccans making a name for themselves around the world.