Personally, I support term limits on all of the members of the Congress. I believe that by having term limits, the country would be able to have new leaders with fresh ideas. Term limits does not specifically aim to oust any good leader. It is true that term limits would healthy for a democratic country. It would allow people to elect for the leaders whom they believe could bring positive changes to the country. It would stop the authoritarian leaders from ruling a nation for a long time even if the people do not benefit from their administration anymore. 

Term limits would pave the way for new leaders to be involved in political decisions for the country. Also, it can be the way to clean up the congress. With term limits, the ruling leaders who are found to be ineffective due to corruption or other issues would be kicked out from the government. Although, it may be true that this would limit the capability of some good leaders, that is one of the risks that should be taken. Also, the assumption is that a good leader would be able to bring the needed change in a nation within his given term. So all his programs should be implemented and scheduled based on the term limits given to him. Otherwise, he may not be an effective leader after all if all his promised programs and changes were not executed. Term limits would bring a promising future not just to congressional politics but also to many political fronts such as state and legislative referenda, candidate elections, and even presidential political.

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