India is a nation that has diversity in cultures, destination, languages, clothing, cuisines and everything you name. Whether you speak of dinners or traveling; rituals or festivals; you would find a great diversity in the domain of India. Even if you How to deal with Pname Com Facebook Orca Error have never travelled by train, you would explore a huge diversity therein too. There are lacks of people who travel by train every single day. Whether at night, noon or morning; you can find trains running between various destinations. Whether long journeys or local; trains do their duty pretty impressively.

Indian railways: Is it that worthy?

Indian Railways is the fourth biggest railway in the World. Itis transporting nearly 7651 million passengers &more than 921 MT of freight per annum. Of course, that is not a small How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca thing right? taking into consideration its importance, Railways were first introduced in the country with passenger rail service right from Mumbai to Thane on 16th April in the year 1853 by two companies, East India Railway and Great Indian Peninsular Railway. Both these companies were formed to construct railway line between Kolkata and Mumbai. Nextthe Governor General of India, Lord Dalhousie created plan to form diverse railway lines between main regions in India.

It might interest you that Indian Railways is also helping the economy of the country in many ways such as by catering fast and reliable transport medium for diverse needy articles across Big list of game genres the nation. These encompass Wheat, Rice, Cereals and even Vegetable oils etc. Indian Railways is even transporting diverse petroleum products such as Petrol, Cooking Gas Diesel, Natural Gas, Kerosene and much more. Moreover facilities like Delivery of Food in Trains, PNR and other things make the train journeys a delight and ease for passengers.

The various types of railways running in the country are like:

Duronto Express

It is a non-stop trains that eventually running faster than Rajdhani Express in state capitals &chief cities.

Rajdhani Express

It is the full AC train that connects all major cities to the capital New Delhi. It is running over the speed of 150 km per hour.

Shatabdi and Jan Shatabdi Express

These are the only chair car trains that link up inter cities in the adjacent states.

Garib Rath Express

These are the trains that have AC 3 tier facilities that too at the lower cost if you compare them to different train in the same class.

Superfast Express

These are the trains that are running more over 55 km per hours and have couple of stops in their travelling ways.

Fast Passenger and Passenger Train

These common trains can be afforded by anyone because of their lowest fares. Theyhave sitting, sleeper class facilities. These trains halt at nearly every station.

Express and Mail Train

These are simple kinds of trains that possess more stops than Express trains in the country but have lower fare than it.

Suburban Trains

The Suburban trains are running in the main cities in India like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai etc. These trains possess only sitting facilities and fare begins at only Rs. 5.00. The Mumbai Suburban trains possess 1st Class facilities.


So, Indian railways are hit in every sense and for everyone!