The internet has revolutionized the way we do business. Over the years, all over the world, it has become the norm that if you are not online, you are not in business.

As many businesses have used the internet to gain more customers and grow their worth, hotels have joined the bandwagon and are some of the largest businesses that use the internet. Marketing on the internet is one of the biggest industries.

Listed are some of the ways that hotels are using the internet to grow their business.

Social media

Every hotel worth its name in the world has a social media presence. It is here that they showcase the best that they have to offer their prospects and customers.

On social media, hotels post pictures of how their hotel looks like and the types of food that they offer. In addition, they post videos of events that take place in the hotel to show people what a good venue the hotel can be.

With social media reaching billions all over the world, hotels have a convenient marketing platform that they can use to market themselves and reach even more people all over the world.


Every reputable hotel has a high-end website. On this website, a prospective customer can speak to the hotel directly and even book a room.

In addition, hotel websites are a marketing avenue. Hotels post pictures of their rooms and other unique aspects of the hotel on their website. They use these pictures to attract more and more customers.

The labuan bajo hotel for example, has a very beautiful website. On this site, the hotel gives a lot of information about itself and of activities that guests can get to enjoy once they visit, the hotel.

Native advertising

As the internet becomes a leading provider of information, most people are leaving the traditional media channels such as TV and newspapers behind. As this becomes the trend, businesses are going to where most people are, online.

Native advertising is where businesses put out content to an online publication as part of the news feed. However, businesses have paid for the information to be available on that website.

This kind of advertising happens with websites and blogs that have large readership numbers and that the hotels believe will lead lots of people to them and grow their business.


Many leading hotels run their own blogs these days. In the blog, the hotel offers more information of the services that they can provide.

Over and above talking about themselves, hotel blogs publish a lot of customer r3eviews and experiences.

This is a common method of gaining a high online presence by regularly updating the blog and keeping readers coming back for more of the stories that you offer.

Pay-per-click advertising

This is another method that hotels are using to gain more and more business from the internet. Pay-per-click advertising refers to a method of advertising on search engines without having to pay until your advertisement is clicked on.

This is one of the most used online advertising and marketing method by businesses. Businesses bid on certain keywords that relate to the services they offer, their location or even their name. Search engines then create advertisements that display on sites that have these keywords and once the advertisements are clicked on, the advertiser pays the search engine.

It is an easy to track advertising strategy and quite affordable as you only pay for the clicks.

Enhanced competition

With every other hotel having an online presence, competition in the industry has grown. This has led to hotels striving to offer better quality services. Intense competition leads to low prices and high-quality service which is a major attraction to customers.


The internet has revolutionized how the hotel business is carried out. Hotels have produced loads of online content to attract a large following that translates into loyal customers which in turn leads to the growth of their business.