Everyone is not lucky to have enough space at home. When this happens, people find it difficult to manage space for keeping their valuable goods at house. Renting a self-storage unit is the best solution to this problem. Today, a large share of homeowners and business owners opt for storage solutions for preventing their belongings from the clutches of thieves. If you opt for storage facility, you will get a wide scope to keep your furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, books, kitchen appliances and many more things, there.

You might know that there are certain items that you cannot store in the unit. In the following section, I have given a list of some specific things which you should keep out of the public storage of Tucson. You may go through the below section now.

  1. Food

Ask anyone about the things that you cannot keep in the self-storage and food products are what that they will count on first. Even if, you are renting a climate controlled unit, you should not keep food products there. Anything perishable is going to decay soon and will give off obnoxious smells which attract harmful insects. Those melted and rotten food will then damage other items in the unit. In order to keep the harmful insects away from the unit, you should not store food items there.

  1. Tires

Tires are not good to keep in the unit. But this does not mean that you cannot keep your vehicle in self-storage since cars have tires. What you should not do is to keep the loose tire in the unit. They come with a fire hazard. Keeping the loose tires out of the storage can minimize the fire risks.

  1. Animals And Plants

If you are thinking about keeping your pets and plants in storage, then you need to think about this matter twice. It’s not a good idea at all to store animals and plants there. Keeping animals in self-storage is unkind and illegal. Storing plants is not a good idea at all. Plants need sunlight, fresh air and water to live. None of them can be found in the unit.

  1. Explosives

Keeping fireworks and other explosives in the storage unit can maximize the risks of fire. Do not keep them inside the unit. You can talk to the professionals if you want to know which items are not suitable for storing there.

  1. Wet Or Scented Items

Like food products, scented items can attract vermin and insects. The disadvantage of storing wet items in the unit is that they will produce mold and mildew. This can cause major damage to your other belongings. Before storing your items in self-storage, you need to ensure the fact that they are dry. After that, you can pack them and keep them, in the self-storage facility.

Have you gone through the above discussion? If yes, then hopefully, you might have come to know about which items you should not keep in the self-storage facility. Now, choose your items wisely, pack them and keep them in a storage unit.