Shakers and Sippers 

Buy Gym Sipper Bottle And Protein Shaker Bottle online at low price and it is convenient water bottles with an easy-to-hold grip and nipple-style cap.


Sipper Bottle And Shaker Bottle is India’s premium shaker and sipper bottle company.

Always 1 up against market trend, we are the sole company to introduce all latest Sports bottles in India from Battery operated Protein Shaker Bottle to Steel Shaker bottles to our highly popular Gallon and Dumbbell bottle range.

We have become one of the leading company in our business synonyms with Sports industry and Private branding label.

We do full product Branding of your product., We do private branding of all major Sports nutrition companies and have the capacity to feed large order’s in a very short notice.

Shakers and Sippers branded with your logo is perfect way to advertise your product and get attraction towards your product, be it your Supplements or Gym or other promotional activity.

We are Prime destination for all branding and promotional merchandise for health and fitness industries.

Our product’s are food grade, BPA free, made from Virgin Plastic and produced under highest industrial standard, making our product’s safe for you, your family member’s or customers.

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