In a workplace full of tools, a workbench is the only thing that undergoes the most use and the abuse at the same time. If a workbench is selected after considerable deliberation, then the output produced from your workplace will definitely be more rated. When you work, your working environment is important. If the accessories you equip yourself with are worthy and comfortable, then the results of your work will be enhanced. So, before investing in a workbench, you must know which one suits best for your type of work and which one of the available workbenches in the market will be cost-effective and productive at the same time. According to the survey based on reviews, the best portable workbenches are mentioned below:

  1. X-tra hand 2-in-1 portable workbench:

It is a foldable and a small sized workbench that contracts into its minimum possible size when required, in order to occupy less space. The weight contracts to about 500 lbs. only. It has a length of 38.9 inches and a width of about 18.8 inches. The unique features of this workbench include the versatile utility tray, the V-groove for cutting and the drill through the clearance. There is also a protractor and a ruler provided to manage the layout work. It has extendable aluminum legs, and the handle attached allows easy displacement of the whole workbench. It is available at the rate of $119 at various online shopping websites.


  • Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project center:


The table is large enough to provide a 27” to 31” working place and provides access to 360 degrees. It has an additional Automaxx clamp that allows fixing the object both vertically and horizontally. This workbench has a solid foundation as its legs are made up of heavy-gauge steel. It has easy storage ability as it is foldable and the legs are extendable. It includes 2 quick clamps and 4 clamp dogs that maximize the capacity of fixing objects of variable shapes.

  1. WORX Pegasus Multifunction:

It is again a space-saving workbench. The table has a length of 31” and a width of 25”. The working height is adjustable but standard at 32”. The maximum width of clamping is 18”. The integrated system of clamping holds the objects very well in place. The overall weight of the workbench is very less as compared to other workbenches, i.e., 30lbs. the company of WORX provides a long warranty of 6 years.

  1. Keter Folding Work Table:

It is also a collapsible and folding work table. It is portable and light in weight. It is very convenient for the use of professionals as it occupies very less space and allows the handling of varying objects at the same time. The top of this workbench measures 85cm in length and 55cm in width. It is easy to carry along with two integrated clamps each of 12”. When in the folding position, this workbench measures 4.4” and 33.7” when fully extended. The large surface can hold up to 1000lbs., being light itself.