In the midst of a huge number of Echo-related declarations a month ago, news of Amazon’s patched up Fire TV may have gotten somewhat lost. Be that as it may, the overhauled $70 adversary to gadgets like the Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV, can possibly be a best vender for Amazon, given its focused value point for a 4K streamer, and voice bolster through Alexa.

Truly, it looks odd…

The gadget itself is somewhat odd – it’s not a stick and not a crate, but rather is rather a 2.6 inch x 2.6 inch square that dangles from your TV by means of its appended HDMI link. This curiously large dongle shape factor was first observed with Chromecast’s Ultra’s round puck – yet Amazon’s is bigger.

The benefit of the dongle shape factor is that you don’t need your spilling box in plain view. It’s additionally better in case you’re divider mounting a TV, and don’t have a place to put a case. Also, a dongle is more convenient, in case you’re considering once in a while moving it in the middle of rooms or taking it on trips.

Better 4K and speedier

Be that as it may, the greatest contrast with the new Fire TV – past its odd shape – is that it now bolsters 4K Ultra HD up to 2160p at 60fps rather than 30fps, similar to the old model, and includes bolster for HDR-10 (high unique range).

This is just favorable position for the individuals who have just updated their TV to a 4K Ultra HD or HDR TV, and are presently searching for a spilling gadget that can convey this enhanced, consistent with life picture quality when they’re watching 4K content.

The Fire TV likewise underpins Dolby Atmos sound, and has knock up to quicker 1.5GHz processor contrasted and the 1.3GHz processor in the more seasoned model. In any case, past these modest bunch of upgrades, there’s very little else that is new here. As such, in case you’re presently content with your Fire TV and don’t have a 4K or HDR TV, there isn’t tremendously need to redesign your current gadget until further notice.

All things considered, in case you’re in the market for a streamer and would prefer not to pay a premium just to get 4K bolster, the Fire TV merits considering. Its closest rivals, as far as cost, are the Roku Streaming Stick+ and Google Chromecast Ultra – both of which are likewise $70.

In any case, Fire TV’s favorable position here is Alexa.