1. Opportunities in Dal Milling Business-

In India, Dal milling industry is one of the vital processes. Highly versatile, technology upgraded, energy efficient dal mill are very profitable venture to start with high capital investment. Then we require land to build a modern pulse milling units which will depend upon what we will be using dry milling or wet milling operation. It also depends on splitting operations, methods and how we will apply methods of drying for soaked grain pulses. Primary machinery needsare Cylinder concave dehuller, Roller machine, Sheller and Under Runner Disc (URD).

  1. Opportunities in Oil Milling Business-

Good oil is in demand and increases consumption day, different types of good oil are also in need. Aside from a large scale, a highly profit-oriented oil business processes can be initiated on a small scale basis also. The mini oil mill is a set of oil mill machinery connected to enhance oil production efficiency and get higher oil yield. The whole manufacturing line is easy to install, operate and earn commission. A single machine can work separately, or all machine can easily be connected to one compete for oil line for high efficiency. The mini model oil processing line can process many varieties of oilseeds such as seeds, corn seeds, palm kernels, sesame, peanut kernels, etc.

  1. Opportunities in Paper Milling Business-

The mini paper mill is an outstanding business and one of the most profitable paper business ideas; it requires ample capital investment. The location for paper milling business should be decided very carefully. The raw material for the paper mill is forest goods. One more thing you should consider which is very important is you should select the paper mill location which is a nearby place where you get raw material easily. For everyone who is going to starting any business, it is mandatory to have a New GST Registration.

  1. Opportunities in Rice Milling Business-

Rice is the primary and essential food grain in India as well as the country is also the best exporters of the rice in the world market. Rice milling is a process which is helpful to remove barns and hulls from paddy grain to produce polished rice. From paddy the essential primary processed product is in Rice form then other processed received as secondary and tertiary products.

Besides, you require 2-acre land to build an improved quality rice milling unit. Here, you can establish the plant with a processing capacity of 2 MT per hour.


  1. Opportunities in Rolling Milling Business-

The growth in infrastructure and construction activities in India has beyond the demand for the steel industry. Still there is a demand for steel products such as Structure steel viz, plates, angles, channels, rounds, and Thermo mechanically treated (TMT) bars. In the beginning, the budget for small scale rolling business is you require land approx 1.0 acres. Plus the project cost will come around 2 Cr.


  1. Opportunities in Sawmilling Business-

By two ways you can start sawmill business. One is having a portable sawmill business and second is to develop sawmill units at a suitable location. The primary raw material in the sawmill business is the wooden log. One of the essential aspects of getting success in sawmill business operation is the availability of raw material.

  1. Opportunities in Sugar Milling Business-

Sugarcane processing is concentration on the production of staff sugar from sugarcane. Other products of the processing include molasses, bagasse and filter cake. The mini sugar plants use to open pan sulphating sugar manufacturing process which is known as “khandsari.” These products are suitable for direct use. Additionally, you should select the location for the plant carefully. In sugar mill business easy availability of raw material is one of the most important phases.


  1. Opportunities in Textile Product Milling Business-

In India, the textile industry runs largely in the form of clusters. Mostly, about 70 textile group producing 80% of the total country textile.

Important textile mill products are power looms, hosiery, handlooms, and knitting and also ready for khadi, blankets, garments and carpet manufacturing.

  1. Opportunities in Wind Milling Business-

In India Wind mill plants have seen a remarkable growth approximate 33% CAGR in the last years.  To run wind mill plant, the capital cost range between 4.5 crores to 6.85 crores per MW, which depend upon the types of technology, turbine, location and size. The running cost of the wind farm is very low as the cost of zero, maintains and operation costs is also low. In India, wind milling business enterprises are allowed to take 80.0% quickened depreciation on assets employed in renewable energy power generation and free benefits from a 10-year tax.


We hope this Article inspires you in taking a decision for starting a medium scale milling business operation. There 9 profitable milling business opportunities. Afleo.com is a legal service provider who can help you in incorporation of the company in Private Limited company registration, LLP, OPC . For more details contact us.