How to improve your sex life with meditation


If you ask a group of learned people as to how meditation will be helpful and what are the benefits they associate with meditation, you can be assured that associating meditation with promoting a healthier love life as well as sex life will be the last benefit they would be able to think of or not quite surprisingly, may not even find a place in the list of benefits. It is because most of the times meditation are associated with attaining wisdom and spirituality and these they think are totally opposed to love life. The fact that meditation is considered to be least connected with enjoying a healthy and fulfilling love life is totally a misconception.Meditation for good health will help you lead a balanced life and one of the key elements of leading a balanced life is improving personal relationships. When the personal relationship with your spouse abounds with love and positivity and emotions there is no reason to think that meditation will not help you improve your sex life.

Some interesting facts

A study published in Biological Psychology Journal in 1995 claims that meditation and running enjoyed similar endorphin boosting effects. Endorphin is a neurotransmitter which has the ability to reduce or even eradicate the two deterrents to sex drive which is depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that meditation for good healthphysiologically as well as psychologically plays an important role in enhancing the quality of love life.

Sigmund Freud refers to libido as the underlying emotional and psychological energies that ultimately lead to arousal. Accordingtohim libido is just not limited to the ability to engage in sexual activity alone is not considered as libido. When you consider the emotional and psychological energies, the three things that might act as common blockages to these energies include anxiety, depression, and distraction. Distraction is nothing but the constant chatter in your mind that affects focus, attention, and concentration. Meditation for good health deals adequately with these deterrents and leads to better enjoyment, interest, andhappiness in love life.

How meditation helps

Meditation for good health deals with three common and important sex deterrents such as depression, anxiety and distraction by

  • Deactivating Amygdala the stress center and activating the coolest parts of the brain including the prefrontal cortex.
  • Depression results when the hippocampus of the brain shrinks due to chronic stress and anxiety. Meditation for good health is not only capable of reversing the process, but, it also has the ability to build it back.
  • Types of meditation such as mindfulness meditation make you live and think only of the present and it reduces the chatter of the mind and the associated anxiety.
  • Meditation helps you to concentrate on whatever you are doing and even think and act with a clear mind. It makes you more focused and builds a positive relationship with your spouse. When positive emotions overflow, it is likely to lead to enhanced psychological,emotional and physiological fulfillment.
  • Meditation helps you to get good and quality sleep. This will help you to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. When yourmind and body are fresh you will handle stress better and that, in turn, will ensure a healthy love life.

Invest some time in meditation to enhance your score on maintaining better personal relationships especially with your spouse to maintain a balanced life and fulfilling and happy lovelife. You will be surprised to notice improvements in overall health as well.


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