Essay writing tasks require students to have certain skills and enough patience. See tips for text composition and a set of mistakes you are better to avoid.


Tips and Mistakes of Essay Writing

Based on materials provided by “Write my essay” problem solving experts.

There is only one formal rule of essay writing – it has its title.

The internal essay structure can be whatever you want it to be. As it is a short form of a written paper, you don’t have an obligation to repeat your conclusions at in the final part of a text. You can include them into a main text or into your title.

Argumentation can stay before the problem statement. Problem statement can be similar with a final conclusion.

Essay is different from a research paper which is addressed to any reader and starts from “I would like to tell about…” and ends with “I can make the following conclusions” due to that. Essay is a text, which is addressed to a reader (or listener) who is prepared already. This means, the essay is mostly read by a person who knows about the general features and problems of the topic at least. Due to that, an essay writer can concentrate on revealing new facts, thoughts and ideas, and not to fill the text with “service” details at all.

Essay Writing Mistakes

Unlike the most part of tests, essays do not suppose you to enter the multiple-choice format (when you have several possible answer variations before your eyes to choose). In most cases, you can have enough time for essay writing. So, you can rewrite it many times, ask friends to read the text. Use all possibilities and try to avoid making widespread mistakes.

Bad Checking

Do not think you can be enough with spelling check only. Read your essays once more and make sure there are no any expressions with double meaning, phrases used not as they are to be used, etc. Here are some examples how things are NOT to be done:

“I am proud of myself being able to stay against using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.”

“It will be an exciting problem for me to study at your university located in a wonderful place with many buildings built in a gothic architectural style.”

Tiring, Boring Intro, Lack of Details

An interesting essay often loses points if its content only shows a list of certain statements without a writer even trying to illustrate them with appropriate examples. There are usual cliches which are often met in essays: the importance of hard work and persistence, learning from one’s own mistakes, etc. Avoid that.

Too Many Words

There is a wordcount limit put for the text volume, so you need to use that certain amount of words wisely. Sometimes, this means that you are to refuse telling about some ideas or details, especially if they were mentioned somewhere already or they do not have direct connection with a topic. Such things only distract the reader’s (listener’s) attention and take the main idea of the text away.


Complicated Phrases

Some students think that way: the longer the sentences are, the better is for the essay. But still, this is far from being truth. Long phrases do not guarantee the author to be right about something, and short sentences often cause greater effects. The best situation is, when long sentences are mixed up with short ones in the essay. Try reading the text aloud. If you feel your lungs to get out of air somewhere, then divide the paragraph into some shorter periods.


When you are done with essay writing, go for such an exercise. Mark every paragraph with a letter: S (short), M (medium), L (long). S – consists of 10 words or less, M – 20 words or less, L – 20 and more words.


Correctly written essays have letter order like next or similar: M S M L M S.


Wrongly composed texts can be recognized by the next letter order: S S S M L L L.


Never overload your essay with words or amount of  facts. Throw away complicated  and specialized scientific language when writing it. If you accidentally use such words wrongly, this will distract the reader’s attention again, and will lower the meaning of your essay, too.